Monday, May 23, 2011

Growing Tomatoes & Dr. Earth

I'm still pretty new to gardening and VERY new to growing my own tomatoes.  I bought some tomato starts from a lady at my local Gardening Fair she grows every thing organically.  Her tomato starts are seriously amazing, the stocks are soo thick.  She said she never needs tomato cages or any support.  I tried to rack her brain of any advice for growing tomatoes, and some of her advice was to use fertilizer often, she said the ratio she preferred was 5-7-3, or basically any ORGANIC tomato/vegetable fertilizer should work. 

Some good friends had the most amazing cherry tomato plant, it was seriously a huge bush of thousands of beautiful bright red cherry tomatoes, it was the biggest bush of tomatoes I have ever seen, seriously! They are BIG fans of  Dr. Earth Fertilizer, so I bought a bag of Dr. Earth Organic 5 - Tomato, Vegetable, & Herb Fertilizer.  So we shall see how it works.  What Organic fertilizers have worked best for you????  And I would love more tomato growing advice:) 

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