Monday, December 27, 2010

My Homemade Canvas

I had a canvas made through Canvas People for my brother and sister en law for a wedding gift.  It turned out beautiful, I definitely recommend Canvas People for professional canvas's.  After having one made it made me want some canvas's for our house, so I decided to try to make one, I'm not a professional at it by any means, but it looks pretty darn good and ends up costing A LOT less:) 

The Supplies Needed ~
Something to cut the picture
any color of acrylic paint
Mod Podge - Matte
Paint Brush
That sponge looking brush (Not sure what its called)
Blank Canvas (I used an 8x10)
Picture of your choice (I used an 8x10)

First I paint the edges of the canvas, so it has time to dry( Don't worry it doesn't need to be perfect at all).

While the paint is drying I cut a little bit off the top and bottom of the picture, you can just eye ball it:)

Once the paint is dry on the canvas, I then apply Mod Podge all over the entire canvas, you don't need to let that dry just add the picture on top of the wet mod podge make sure there are no bubbles under the picture, and then cover the picture and all the edges with the Mod Podge and let dry.  And that's all folks!


  1. That is so cool Jackie, going to have to try it. Great job. Rene'

  2. Hi Jackie, I also got a canvas Print from them for a Christmas gift and it was very pretty. But I really like your idea (price) much better. Can't wait to give this a try tomorrow. Thanks so much for sharing. Vicky

  3. Great idea! I'm gonna try this for sure! :)

  4. Beautiful blog, Sweety:_) I love you and love seeing the wonderful Mom, wife and home maker you are becoming. This blog is really interesting.:_) Keep it up. Love, Mom

  5. Thanks momma:) I sure do love you:) Im thankful for you every day:)

  6. I totally loved your canvas idea Jackie. After viewing your blog, Lilyen and I went right down to Michael's and bought all the supplies to make these canvas's for our own living room. Thanks for sharing. Robyn Y.

  7. That's awesome Robyn:) I hope yours turns out good!

  8. Yours turned out Great!

    from our tribe to yours :)


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