Saturday, December 11, 2010

Building a Pottery Barn Inspired Play Kitchen

Have you seen the Pottery Barn play kitchens?  They are absolutely adorable, and my hubby and I are attempting to make one:) 
My husband is doing all the building, and I am the painter.  We found two super duper cheap end tables at the Bargain Building Warehouse, they are as ugly as can be, but have lots of potential to become a play sink and play oven.. I just can't wait to show every one..  I will have pictures of our creation soon.
Pink Retro Kitchen CollectionPicture Provided by Pottery Barn.

Ours probably won't look this amazing, but it will definitely cost a lot less:)


  1. That is such a great idea:) I bet it will look really great!
    <3 crystal

  2. I want to get one made for ours soon....have you seen my post about the ana white site which has free plans and instructions. You might want to check it out for ideas. :)



  3. Crystal ~ I will post a picture as soon as its done, so far its been pretty cheap to build!
    Moriah ~ I have seen Ana Whites site, we actually built a farm house style dinner table, we got the idea from her site:) She is amazing.


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