Friday, December 17, 2010

Some Things We Have Made

We desperately needed a new table, so my hubby built us a farm style table.  I love this table, its super sturdy, the perfect size for our dining room/kitchen, and just my style:)  I love all the tables in the Pottery barn catalog but I knew we would never be able to fork out the money for one of those bad boys, so my husband built one for $40.00.
We are still using our chairs from the old table, while we search for 4-6 chairs on craigslist or goodwill.  And we are still debating on building a bench for one side of it.. What do you think we should do???

Next up is our electric fireplace in our living room.  I love this thing:)  We found the mantel and the insert brand new on Craigslist for $250.  If you have ever priced electric fireplaces this size they can tend to be super spendy, so all that to say we got a spankin deal!  Originally it was a light wood tone, so my husband spray painted it black and then we bought both the shelves on each side at Walmart (Better Homes and Garden) for $70 a piece.  So it looks kind of like we have a built in Fireplace:) 
Here is the front view, sorry about the bad lighting.. I want to change my mantel up, not sure what to do with it yet.  I also have to be careful about what I put on the shelves (3 little girls love to touch every thing).:) 
My girls where watching Tom and Jerry:) 

Once again some thing my husband made (I promise I don't make him build everything, he actually really likes to do it) ;) 
He built the shelf, but I painted it! 
See the picture of my girls, that is actually a canvas I made for about $3.00 its a 8x10, I will show how I did it soon! 
Oh, and excuse the pictures in the picture frames, I don't know those people:)
I didn't actually make this canvas, I just had to show it off.  I love this canvas, I'm not sure where its home will be in our home but I love it:)  I found this at Real Deals, its an Amish painting for $8.95.

Just a little something I made for Grace and Chloe's bedroom.  Its just a little banner and some tissue paper pom pom thingies. 
And last but not least is the mural me and my hubby painted on the wall in the girls playroom.  They love it:)
This was my favorite verse whenever I was pregnant.  


  1. I love the table you should do a bench seat on one side and 4 chairs.How did you do the canvas? I love how you two put so many personal touches in your house:)

  2. Crystal ~ Thanks:) We actually found 8 chairs on craigslist a couple days after I posted this, I still have to paint them though. But I think benches would have looked great too!


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