Friday, April 8, 2011

Rough Start

I'm sorry to every one who started to follow my blog.  I kind of disappeared:(  With 3 little girlie's running around I tend be on the busy side.  I am planning on finding my camera (Where ever the girls may have put it) and taking some pictures of whats been going on around this place:)  There has been a lot going on with gardening, new recipes, most of the pottery barn inspired kitchen is done, sooo yeah lots of things to show y'all:) 


  1. Greetings!
    Had to stop over and meet you! Thanks for dropping in and saying hi at my place. I love meeting new friends!
    I took a peek around your place. You are a busy momma! What a precious family you have!
    Have you started anything for your garden? I just checked on my seeds planted in the greenhouse ~ YAY! My broccoli is up! I always get excited when I see the tiny little sprouts emerging! I need to get some flowers planted now. I am hoping to mix some flowers into my veggie garden for a bit of a Potager style garden.
    I would love your Elderberry recipes! We have two kinds of elderberries ~ one is poisonous!~ so I will have to have someone who knows about them point out the good ones, but the jam and syrup sound amazing!

  2. I love love love Broccoli, and wish I could grow it:( I did broccoli for the first time this last fall and I had a major problem with green caterpillar looking bugs eating my broccoli. I was very depressed. So now I'm scared to try growing it again. I hope you have better results. I wanted to try mixing some flowers in with my garden as well, I read on Homestead Revivals blog about the flowers for scaring off the bad bags.. Last summer I planted some flowers in my garden to draw in lady bugs with not a whole lot of luck..

    The elderberry syrup is amazing, and the jelly is just as good if not better:) And super simple to make!

    Ohh and I started some seeds in a little greenhouse in my kitchen, and they are doing great soo far:)


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