Wednesday, June 22, 2011

To Train Up A Child

Parents cannot impart righteousness to their children, but they can help them develop firm commitment to righteousness.  Parents cannot write the law on the hearts of their children, but they can weave the law and the gospel into their developing consciences.  

Anticipating the child's development, and knowing that evil will come to be a part of his moral being, places an urgent sense of responsibility upon parents.  The world is a powerful, unrelenting undertow, pulling children to destruction.  Looking at statistics alone, the probability is overwhelming against their moral survival.  The training parents give and the wisdom they impart can make all the difference in their outcome.  You hold an eternal soul in your hands.  You cannot afford to give in to weariness, indifference, laziness, or careless neglect.  God chose you two as parents of these children!  
 ( Taken From The Book "To Train Up A Child") ~  This is a great book that my friend let me borrow, and plan on sharing from this book as I continue to read it:)


  1. Oh my! What powerful and fearful and convicting words! I wish time would stand still for a little while so that I could get my act together, there is just none of it to waste!

  2. Good words and quote. Parenting is hard work, if you do it right. It's easy to "give in" to tantrums or sassyness (whatever the situation), rather than "fight" with your kids. It is harder to discipline and correct. The outcome of your actions will reveal themselves in your children later in life! Keep up the good work. Blessings from Wisconsin!

  3. Quinn ~ I agree, there is No time to waste! I feel like I am in a rush constantly trying to figure out how to raise my children up perfectly in the Lord. I wish YHWY could audibly speak to me through out the day telling me what to do, and to just calm down:)

    Dicky Bird ~ I am soo excited to see the outcome later in life, but yet nervous too:)


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